Seven tips to help you achieve the perfect thrifty car
Everyone said: buying a car easier to keep it. Indeed, the income per capita is not high, in an age of car car profits, to become a car owner is not easy, so we're going to do a smart owner. In our daily when in fact there are many places to use the car if you pay attention, you can save a lot of costs. Here are 7 tips for saving, let be a smart consumer, with easy to use.
1. reasonable maintenance refers to car maintenance car
car maintenance cycle interval mileage or time. High frequency of maintenance is not a bad thing, can more effectively protect the vehicle's performance. Early car mainly for normal maintenance, cost is relatively low when the vehicle is used after a certain age or a certain mileage will enter the maintenance phase, costs are relatively high. Mileage intervals to determine the various types of maintenance work, will not only keep the good technical condition of vehicle, can also help you save on maintenance costs and the cost of repairs. But when determining car maintenance cycle, should refer to the vehicle manufacturer's recommended maintenance cycle and the technical condition of the vehicle itself and the actual conditions of use, the maintenance cycle to make the appropriate adjustments. For some fixed repair dealers recommend maintenance cycle, you should carefully weigh, dealers, after all, is to make money. General Motors new cars in good condition, can be appropriately extended maintenance cycles and cars less well-off or poor use conditions of, you should shorten the maintenance cycle.
to change a simple parts air filters and windshield wipers are essential car accessories, air filter air enters the engine through the first line of "checkpoint", whose role is to filter out the dust and debris in the air, keep flowing into the relatively clean air in the engine, and windshield wipers you enhance the security of the owners of travel during the rainy season.
General car air filters in cars driving 20,000 kilometers change once, check when 10,000 km, windshield wipers need to be replaced every 6 months to a year at a time. It can be said that air filters and wiper car prices in the cheapest parts, inspection and replacement of the two are very simple, dedicated to servicing the site a waste of time and money is not worth it.
3. reasonable insurance
when purchasing car insurance, many car owners often buy "excess insurance" and "under-insurance". Excess insurance, the insurance limit is higher than the real value of the subject-matter insured, such as buying a 120,000 yuan worth of car, insured a sum of 300,000 yuan of stolen rescue, in case of total loss, compensation can only be acquired 120,000 yuan. 39th article provisions of the Insurance Act: insured amount shall not exceed the insured value, exceeds the insured value, the portion is not valid, which the insured can be appropriate when the insured loss compensation, not buying insurance proceeds which exceed the insured value. In addition, fully insured, it is lower than the actual value of the insured the insured limit, it will "pay proportionately", as in the above example, if the insured limit of 50,000 yuan this year, 70,000 yuan lower than the actual value, in case of total loss only to pay 50,000 yuan.
you want to replace your filter should always pay attention to cleaning the motor filter. Don't look down on it, it has a direct impact on your fuel consumption of the car. During the process of automotive internal combustion engines, dirt and other impurities will mix with the oil, and exhaust and combustion air oxidation of the oil will have gum or sludge oil gradually, this will not only accelerate the wear of parts and cause oil plug. So periodically to clean the motor filter. Most car engines use a spin-on oil filter, this filter is not washable disposable filters, when you change the oil must also replace the oil filter, otherwise it will affect the quality of lubricants. Change the oil and oil filter cycle, usually 5000 to 10000 km. Arrow marks filter the oil inlet and outlet, replace not installed backwards.
5. tyre inflation with due
correct tire pressure is the most important part of security checks.

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