Tips summer cooling with less cool
Pard in Americans the first automobile air conditioning (improved by refrigerator compressor to) put them in before Lincoln, the cooling equipment in the car is a car fan. At that time, hot summer for the driving can escape the man's suffering. Today, the automotive air conditioning an in-car comfort equipment, equipment is not the only way to cool the car. The reporter searched the car shop and auto parts market, to cool the summer car tips.
the cooling equipment is not present on the glass of the solar film, nor sweat cushion, but most people do not use the new equipment. To have without paying too much RMB, bringing coolness to cars. Cooling agent
car/> price 15-20
car cooling agent is one of many cool products in the most extreme, through the liquid quickly in the gasification process large amounts of heat, to help cool air inside the car. Only takes a few seconds, hot leather seating surfaces can become cold to the touch. Using simple cooling agent will move the index finger, spray pesticides will be used.
cons: rapid evaporation of the liquid cannot be sprayed on glass, sprayed onto the hot glass is not only easy to cause the glass cracks, will leave a shadow on the glass. Spray away from the skin, or low temperature of the liquid quickly evaporates easily frostbite of the skin. Under the direct sunlight in the car, when the temperature exceeds 50 degrees Celsius, cooling agent prone to explosion risk. Window
price 75-100
This is in the "Taobao" process as seen in the most creative car cooler, not to say works similar to the hood, solar-powered and sealing construction design must be regarded as high-tech products. Ventilation using solar panels to provide power to promote micro-fan, heat and air out the car through air circulation inside buses achieve the purpose of reducing interior temperature.
cons: exhaust design than inhaling cool breezes coming directly, than does the more cooling spray. Installation process is somewhat complex and not suitable for General DIY users. USB powered design than the convenient cigarette lighter plug. Anti-leaking ice
/> price 10-15
do not think that ice is just the family little creativity. The ice packs filled with powdered insulation solids, into the difficult flow of water into jelly-like liquid. Cool the ice thawed during gel-like liquid will not disappear, and also prevent liquid flow out of the water. Cooling process can last up to 10 hours at a time.
cons: ice packs to cool the car in the course of this additional containers. Ice bag will collect on the surface of the water vapor in the air, condensation water will flow into the wet inside the car interior. Ice bag easy to damage and increased body weight. Reflection
window/> price 20-30
compared with the reflector inside the car, installed on the exterior of the Sun reflector can effectively block the Sun and lower the temperature inside the car. Principle and photographic plates, and is only used to install more belts, installed and easy to carry and cheap.
cons: installation is simple but also take time to install and remove, on the easily damaged or stolen out of his car. Glass fitted with Reflector on one side only is difficult to achieve the purpose of reducing interior temperature. Electrostatic insulation paste
/> price 10-15
and installation inspection identifies electrostatic stickers of different window static sticker is more of a role in curtains, blocking direct sunlight and lower the temperature inside the car. It not only can be repeatedly used, electrostatic stickers patterns can also show the owner's personality.
cons: electrostatic stickers carrying and storage space. Paste each window separately and remove, use inconvenient.
car sun shade
price 30-50
car sunshade working principle and static stickers the same using suction, easy to use many. It usually can be fixed directly on the front and rear windshields of the car, shading effect of not only excellent, can also play a role in decorating.
cons: installed easily affect the driver's field of vision; a long time after exposure, fixed will automatically fall off, effect of sun-shading effects. Cushion
price 15-20
injection cushions cooling equipment is nothing new, different in the car. Car using water injection cushions are designed not only to be thinner and cushions are also resistant to friction. By sealing cushions in cold water and physical contact, achieve the goal of lowering body temperature.
cons: water cushion when you can just go out and only used once. After after exposure, and seat temperature will also rise, unable to achieve the objective of lowering the inside temperature.

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