Thunderstorm can't drive? Teach you some driving tips
Safety class in this issue we look at how thunderstorms on safe driving, if you have better suggestions, welcomed the discussion.
around and keeping vehicles at a distance
first of all to reduce the vehicle speed, refer to the vehicle in front, as far as possible the safety distance. Also distance himself from around vehicles to prevent car in low visibility side impact occurred while dodging obstacles. In addition to avoid slamming on the brakes so as to prevent the occurrence of rear-end accidents, water tire adhesion of low easy to produce on the way out of control or rollover.
careful eye illusion
fixed targets to watch in the distance, his hands holding the steering wheel straight ahead, must not look at vehicles splashing through water or spray on both sides, so as not to sway eye illusion, deviations from normal road accidents the vehicle, and be careful not because of lightning dazzling colorful and distracting. In addition, when the left and right sides of the vehicle to overtake splash splash on the front windshield, both hands grip the steering wheel, speed up the wiper wiper speed, maintain a calm attitude, must not be slamming on the brakes or play direction. See stagnant
mo left Flash right avoiding
see the water splash, or immediately hit the brakes to slow down, this is most people's problems. Both of these methods are in fact very dangerous. Left Flash right to avoid the downside is, the drivers behind and not know how to respond, accidents happen easily. Depth 15 cm or so, simply will not have any effect on car, you can drive at normal speeds, does not have to worry about water into the car or breaking down. To note is that when the car over water, the braking system may be temporarily impaired, when braking distance longer.
skid to operate correctly
Thunder meet slippery driving easier. Stagnant water in the road caused by vehicles running at high speed of unilateral resistance suddenly increased, serious traffic circles or out of control, you should reduce speed, hold the steering wheel, and take heed of traffic with water. Did have the car skidded, so don't be alarmed, be sure to stay calm. If it is a front wheel skid, steering wheel spin in the opposite direction should be corrected if it is rear wheel side slip, then spin in the same direction to correct the steering wheel.
wiper rubber article best year for
If the wipers sweep of serious decline, when driving in the rain is very difficult. To restore their capacity, the key is to replace the wiper blades on a strip of rubber. For too long, rubber strips are aging, and glass moulds cannot closely together, you cannot sweep raindrops on a glass. Especially when the dirt because dirt trapped between the rubber and glass, wiper performance even further. In General, the rubber should be replaced once a year.

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