Air conditioning in summer driving use more fuel when on heat
In the summer, and how to use air conditioning when driving a more fuel-efficient car owners tangled topic. In fact, if you have some tips to use air conditioning, not only more fuel, will be avoided on "air-conditioning disease". Hot
bus air conditioning
after the arrival of summer, cars slightly Tan in the Sun for a while, cars will be incomprehensible. This time, after many owners rushed into the car, is to turn on the air conditioning to the maximum wind speed in the first gear. Actually this is not desirable, because if the air temperature is set at the minimum value, air conditioning pump constantly running, the blower is in a high wind, and fuel consumption will increase.
after the correct way is to enter the auto exposure and immediately lowered the window, release the accumulation of heat in the car. After a minute or two, waiting for the temperature balance both inside and outside, and then closes the window, open air conditioning, air conditioning cycle must be placed into indoor cycling gear.
lowest temperature not adjustable right
the summer of high fuel consumption an important reason is the excessive usage of vehicle air conditioning. Therefore, reducing the fuel consumption of vehicle air conditioning, will lower the vehicle's actual fuel consumption. Some car owners to make the car cooler, car air conditioning temperature setting on the minimum temperature value. Fuel consumption will increase, and the inside and outside of the car are too big, are easy to catch a cold. Therefore, setting vehicle air conditioning temperatures, can generally set at 25 degrees Celsius.
the appropriate air conditioning "take a break"
prolonged use of air conditioning condenser pressure is too large, it will not only cause loss of the refrigeration system, and would also reduce the cooling effect of the air conditioning. Therefore, to grasp the opportunity, let the car air conditioning can also "take a break" breath, while in traffic on city roads, for example, you can turn off the air conditioner window.
in addition, before reaching the destination 35 minutes before the air conditioning can be turned off in advance and increase air flow, so that the temperature inside the air-conditioning ducts and rebounded, reducing the discharge of condensed water and maintain relatively dry air conditioning system, molds are naturally not the living space. This will not only reduce fuel consumption, can avoid air conditioner odor.

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