Car cash secret tips of pile side parking
Pickup lateral stop method mentioned in from left front bar 30 cm parking, reverse. Waiting for the first 30 cm, open play starts to the right direction.
back center point at the right rear of the car, or out beyond a point (5 cm), the return direction at this time, guaranteeing the centre point of the position will not be moved.
started to reverse, left rear-view mirror, left rear wheel once the pressure on the incoming white wire, left directions and showroom is located in between the two poles after, once the body was, and began to return to the right direction side direction side down. Not a library!
pickups lateral parking, as long as all four wheels into the white line is OK. Last left turn signal and Horn out of the library.
pickups lateral side parking has also mentioned that when in on-street parking, keep in mind that no matter how the length of parking space lattice, make sure the rear first to get in place.
reminded some drivers at the time of pickup lateral stop, don't bother to shift into reverse gear, a look at the spaces before and after the long distance, wheel cut into the box on the right, this kind of ignore the carbody width errors of judgment, will left by the front right wheel is about to hit the road along the amendments. As a result, is not left in the slow lane ass, back and forth several times may be straight and who.

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