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Following moves by car: some people take a step at a time, or even half a step step, move to be passive, having awkward; every step of the way at the same time, some people can see a few steps, plays grace, also have free and easy.
drive the following chess: some people take a step at a time, or even half a step step, move to be passive, having awkward; every step of the way at the same time, some people can see a few steps, plays grace, also have free and easy.
This predictability, keen powers of observation and quick judgment, it was of habit, after a little practice you can one in good condition. Some people are congenitally deficient, can only be culture conscious.
you need a good car, good predictability is crucial. Why use when travelling in the same car and the same way, some people will drive air, stretch; some people will drive an awkward, cringe? In this section of the discussion, was to find the relevant answers.
instability ahead, remember that Mo near
in the mix of people and vehicles and old roads, primary, secondary roads and anomalies much needless to say, very standard, on a closed highway, nor will anything unexpected happen.
lane road, what is normal, and you don't have brains to think whether they appear logical. Is important since it appears, given that, you can proceed immediately to quickly protect their own.
so when we drive, it is necessary to maintain a high level of vigilance, but also has a good adaptability, once found there were anomalies in front, can respond right away.
some people who drive, found nothing on the road, such as busy, and her overtaking, temporary road, road crash, and so on, as long as it is "not according to the rules of the game the cards" to happen, he (she) first of all is how to judge this is unconscionable.
as his (her) judgment, these unexpected things would disappear. But on the way, even if you have millions of reasons, injury once the aim, even responsible, double compensation, then what's the use?
lane road, our safe, accidents do not occur. So no matter what the anomaly on the road, immediately slow down to avoid, keep a sufficient distance from the rapid observation, can walk away, can't go immediately to turn around "and took off."
people can play chess know when entered into when annealing the annealing and people must know when to avoid driving the avoidance, when the slip-sliding. Instability ahead, remember keep away! See foreign body
, a lot of attention
lane road, on the road if there are foreign bodies must quickly give way, in the context of avoidance does not open, it should immediately slow or stop, after know what this foreign body was observed, in stride.
and sometimes a small foreign bodies, if not handled properly, it's enough to make you overtake, even in a car crash.
what about what a foreign body on the pavement? Should be said that in addition to the normal road itself, any other form of things, such as sand, stones, bricks, water, oil, mud pits, wood, iron, road debris.
Road, it is difficult to list one by one, only the categories introduced its hazards.
with particular attention the invisible killer on the road: water, oil, mud, sand!
① water: driving, especially at highway speeds, we fear most is slippery, so when it rains, we go line up care wing, at every step.
on a sunny day, no flooding in large areas of pavement, but due to various reasons and the formation of a small area of Hunan wet area, also will lead to serious consequences.
If you are in emergency braking, in turn, had run into a small area in the Po water, will overwhelm you, stricken harm you increase.
this small area the water makes you impossible, so how do you find it? Sunny day while driving, see color black on the road, ten, there may be water. Oil
II: on the road again where's the fat thing? Came here with the goods shed, second is some fault vehicles while repairing polluted roads. That polluted roads, travel long distances, often encounters.
oil on the road, especially with oil than water would have been much more fierce and terror, tire hit it, like a skating in General.
who in turn without prior notice and when met, will not react before, wandering to "reimburse"!
third, mud, sand: If there is a sludge-sand on the road, will also be the same horrible thing, because it's like millions of miniature bearings, so you get stuck. Especially at higher speeds, turn and had to brake when the mud and sand, the degree of danger it is hard to imagine.
sources of sand would be so much more: earth-moving construction sites; remnants of road; the dust accumulated on the road with water ... ...
driving on the road, especially long distances, no one minute can be taken for granted! Open your eyes anytime, anywhere, looked into such terrible invisible killer.
II full attention to four deflected the pavement hard objects. In addition to water, oil, mud as discussed above these invisible "soft", but on the road there are many small "hard knife", they entrap a man and the other horrors.
we are moving, if there is a broken tire. So cars change is going to happen. Especially when fast, occurs at the front wheel, the vehicle will be hard to control, suffering a misfortune is inevitable.
, who made such terrible events, but often some obscure stones, bricks, glass, hard parts, metal pieces such as pavement. Do not tire of our usual "qizhuangruniu", once these things are met, the damage quickly, arrived in unloading capacity of the poor it is hard to imagine.
a certain speed and broken tire under a certain road conditions means that the vehicle's dumping, running, subversion.
in addition to tire broken vehicle accident caused by tilt, who accidentally bumps in the road, or accompanied by a certain degree of skidding, the fix would be something, especially when fast.
riding motorcycles are well aware, after the speed reaches a certain level, front wheels just rolling to a bolt or something, a little bumps under body completely out of control, causing the accident. More than
Although the car on two wheels, rolling bumps may last bolt, but if accompanied by a certain degree of skidding, but also on the curve, then the same will happen.
so you see foreign objects don't run over while driving, unless you really want to "defy". No matter how good your car, your luck and how well, or is that old saying: on the road, we can't afford to pay any price.

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