Driving in the rain about slow safest
Jeepers xiaobang: summer comes, more and more frequently on rainy days. Although cool, but to a novice like me, not line of sight, speed control, and from time to time out of the puddle on the pavement, rainy day drive has become a troubling, may I ask what is driving in the rain about, to freely travel in the rain?
Solution: first, driving in the rain should be in a straight line and a slow speed. Especially on the highway, speed is best controlled at 30km/h, and keeping a safe distance between vehicles, not trucks. Driving in heavy rain situations, try to keep a certain distance from the vehicle, not too close to the car, not to frequent passing. Particularly when overtaking of large vehicles, big splash splash makes car drivers can't see outside in seconds, making it prone to accidents. Not free to change lanes, do not swerve, should be sustained on the brake when turning. If it is a front wheel skid, yaw in the direction of rotation in the opposite direction should be; if it is a rear wheel skidding, skidding turns on one side, must not play in the opposite direction. Meanwhile, to keep the wipers work, always keeping the view clear.
in addition, because of the rain the car's braking distance is longer, so traffic should be kept a safe distance. If you need parking, slow brake slowing ahead of time about 100 meters, as far as possible, back to have sufficient time for emergency preparedness to avoid collision or rear-end collision due to brake too abruptly. See the water splash, or on the brakes to slow down now, both of these methods are extremely dangerous.
in addition, rainy day drive in the city needs to look out for pedestrians on the road. Pedestrians after the umbrella in the rain, wearing a raincoat, vision, hearing, will be affected to a certain extent, a little attention to the accident occurs. Therefore, when it encounters a pedestrian, should slow ahead, whistling, patiently give way. At night when driving rain and ground water will reflect light and appropriately transform popular lighting, helps to detect obstacles.

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