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Novice training

Need consultation in advance with the company (such as training must end on time with driving).
the third step, bring your driver's license, master, master will normally contact you arrive half an hour earlier.
fourth step, the car driver's license, and the master agreement signed with the driving. Master
the fifth step, and to discuss their driving and driver and accompanied driving routes, training content and so on.
after the sixth step, every time I go with driving, an appointment with the teacher next time accompanied driving time, generally accompanied driving in 5 to 8 times, he decided to accompany driving times.
the seventh step to accompany a day, driving time is 7-8 o'clock in the morning, holiday and night prices unchanged, with 1 person to enter without their own money.
the eighth step, plus 20 shuttle fee transfers.
Nineth stage, alter, abolish the accompanied driving locations, time, be sure to 5-10 hours ' telephone told.
tenth step, drive to accompany invoices, invoice, contact the company or the master instructions.

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